Introducing PaymentShield, A Payment Verification Service by FundingShield

PaymentShield is an industry-agnostic service that allows you to verify any individual or business bank account details using FundingShield’s integration with MasterCard Open Banking.


Open banking requires the payee to consent to sharing their banking data with the payor.

Our-API driven solution ensures that you receive accurate source data directly from the payee’s financial institution to verify account information

✔️ Instantly verify bank account and routing numbers for outgoing funds

✔️ Verify payments to:  vendors, general contractors, home sellers, appraisers, or any other party who is to be paid

✔️ The workflow can be white-labeled/branded to your liking with no coding required

✔️ Works with over 6,500 financial institutions in the US

✔️ Bank-grade encryption utilized from start to finish

Dynamic admin dashboards with real-time tracking

An easy and secure workflow for fund recipients

Full Visibility and Coverage

Effective payment verification controls

Protection against cyber interference / Business email compromise during the funds disbursement process

Compliance / Risk Management to verify the recipient of funds and avoid losses due to fraud

Award Winning Software

MISMO Certified Wire
Fraud Prevention Tool

2020 CFO Tech Outlook Top 10
Financial Security Award Recipient

2020 HousingWire
Tech 100 Award Recipient