Solutions for
Closing Agencies

Closing Agencies
Fraud Prevention


Closing agencies fraud prevention solutions to help manage wire fraud in disbursements, wires and during application of funds. Additional solutions to drive customer loyalty and loan level coverage guarantees back to clients to increase market share or cater to higher conentrated risk profiles. Improved relationships and metrics to demonstrate best practices via third party validations to drive customer trust and underwriter approvals/reapproval.

Digitize corporate structure rules and approvals to streamline compliance requirements of lenders and underwriters

Closing agencies fraud prevention: Ensure that there are no violations to state-level rules or requirements and enforcement regulations at national, state, regional, branch, and agent levels through automated monitoring systems.

Secure communication portal for documents and funding requests

Communicate and control data sharing of sensitive information like wire account information with third parties or companies.

Track and manage individual agents within your network