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Warehouse Lenders

Warehouse Lenders
Wire Fraud Prevention

Wire fraud prevention Solutions for warehouse lenders and their clients to streamline funding requests, lower risk of and meet regulatory hurdles when acting as an investor, financier or disbursement party. Wire verification services that confirm wire recipients in seconds.

Confirm bank account ownership on every client funding request

Prevent Wire fraud on client funding requests and meet OCC requirements by leveraging our live cloud-based system of ~40,000 bank accounts.

Certify funding requests and streamline operation costs

Underwrite and accept our certifications from your clients to streamline client funding request approvals, confirm client funding controls, and reduce warehouse program costs while increasing risk oversight.

Create and share a live approved party list with clients

Leverage our database of ~40,000 closing parties that can be filtered according to your own diligence and approval criteria and shared with warehouse clients seamlessly via our live and secure portal.