Service Provider Compliance (SPC)

Third party service provider compliance and vendor oversight automation system for a fully customizable vendor management, audit preparation, live approved party lists that can be used for pre-close, closing, post-close service providers and any W9 payee.

System designed to meet enhanced standards by the OCC to manage all vendors and create a live approved party list according to a lender’s, asset manager’s or investors own compliance requirements.  The system automates document collection, compliance checks and audits as well as provides access to partners such as warehouse lenders, TPOs, brokers, correspondents, construction partners and more.

Ability to enforce use of only approved parties, create audit logs

Escalation management by vendor type.

Zero Upload work required (Vendors self register free of charge)

User’s set their own TSP or Vendor requirements per TSP/vendor type needed to be an approved party of the firm (the rule sets are often called a “schema”) which could include documentation, contracts, background checks, licensing, insurance etc.  No vendor pays Fundingshield to be approved they must meet client requirements

User uploads name and email list of TSP / vendors

System auto invites the TSP / Vendor into system & each TSP enters all information, not you the user!

User can set customized control queries on any type of TSP/Vendor type managed in the system to create queries and audit logs confirming use of approved parties throughout the loan fulfillment cycle.