About FundingShield

Our API driven services for mortgage and title fraud prevention allow lenders, investors, homebuyers and title companies to confirm wired funds are going to intended recipients and transactions are free of impact from cyber fraud, phishing, business email compromise, or title fraud. Our services leverage source data in real-time to confirm documents are valid, vendors are compliant with regulations and insurance coverage protecting lenders, real-estate investors & consumers are enforceable. The mortgage and real estate market has over 80,000 entities and permitted roles that can provide closing and settlement services and these closing agents must be verified, vetted and validated for risk management purposes.

Our automation frees up time for closing, vendor management, compliance and secondary/capital markets departments allowing clients to reallocate resources towards closing more loans increasing throughput and lowering cost while avoiding mortgage and title fraud.

Clients can enter new markets seamlessly as well as manage purchase transactions where lenders have less control and familiarity with the closing agents allowing them to work with any licensed, approved and valid closing agent in the country. Clients can obtain coverage in the event of fraud or negligence on the part of the closing agent for up to $5mm per transaction.