Ike Suri, FundingShield Chairman & CEO, Named Tech Trendsetter 2019 by HousingWire Magazine.

Write Up From HousingWire:

2019 HW Tech Trendsetter: Ike Suri

An investor and enterprise builder, Ike Suri can form a vision, design a plan and implement, execute and deliver successful solutions for clients and consumers in technology and tech related industries.

Suri developed and deployed innovative products that help mortgage lenders and borrowers protect themselves at a loan-level basis using real-time live data. Under his leadership, FundingShield has successfully prevented wire fraud impact and losses to its clients on over $500 billion of mortgage closings. Suri is keen on formulating strategic partnerships that deliver cohesive and collaborative results for a better customer experience. His extensive relationship network spans the globe due to his vast experience in running multi-national firms. Suri keeps his focus on driving innovative solutions, executing the plan and growing the firm’s client base by ensuring its clients receive user-centric solutions that add to their bottom line.