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Issue 114: November 18, 2016


Total loan value of verified, validated and certified loan closings to end of Oct 2016 Total dollar amount of transactions identified as erroneous / fraudulent and then corrected and/or redirected with FundingShield Certification Cost of FundingShield Certification versus Dollar Value of Potential Client Loss Exposure: Top 25 mortgage lenders clients serviced
~ $70 Billion+ ~ $10 billion+ >0.05% 8


FundingShield retained by Top 25 mortgage lender to conduct a third-party service provider & vendor review.  The audit of the lenders relationships has resulted in a FundingShield engagement to provide surveillance and compliance data management for the lender in 2017.

FundingShield has answered a clients’ call to conduct a review of closing agents, settlement agents and other third party vendors used by our client to assure Third Party Service Providers (TPSP’s) and Third Party Originators were following Federal and State and the lenders own requirements.


Any mortgage originator, servicer, state licensing or monitoring authority, bar association, warehouse lender or mortgage  investor.


Lenders and Servicers need to assure their vendor management groups are vetting TPSPs to assure that these outside groups are adhering to regulatory requirements and the law but further are operating with the best interest of the lender in mind. Vetting these groups through active verification and validation of the documents sent by TPSPs can be an overly daunting and difficult task for vendor managers who may not even have documentation from all TPSPs on hand.


FundingShield and its predecessor, over its 10 year plus history has been focused on active verification of the settlement agents, attorneys, underwriters and other TPSPs involved with the mortgage closing process. With its vast database of validated information, we can efficiently and cost effectively conduct vendor audits and assist vendor managers to quickly confirm compliance and validity of the documentation shared by TPSPs.


The project conducted for a top 25 lender resulted in our team focusing on new technology driven enhancements around vendor management automation which will free up time for vendor management teams to conduct more value add work and less time and compiling documents. Further FundingShield intends on providing an add on verification service to this new technology delivered service as an independent third party making this automated system extremely valuable for lenders, servicers and the TPSPs themselves who wish to house their vendor data in a simple, centralized platform. Our firm expects to roll this out for a few lenders around year end, we will keep you posted!


                                                        About FundingShield                         

FundingShield is a leading software enabled services company and the only provider of active loan level diligence for closings to the residential mortgage industry. The Company’s array of services provides active verification and validation at the loan level for mortgage closings and detailed analysis of the documentation used. Our products & services include:

  • Verification and validation services at the loan level of closing documents for lenders, insurers and title companies
  • Confirmation of title insurance coverage for lenders backed by FundingShield’s GUARDIAN CERTIFICATE
  • Automated compliance data management systems for 3rd party service providers of lenders, title and state agencies &
  • Pre/Post close QC QA and audit
  • Cyber security, IT Theft, online brand reputation monitoring and brand protection, 24/7/365 tracking of key property, personnel & vendors with threat reporting automation leveraging millions of public data
  • Specialized underwriting services to insurance companies and lenders as well as closing process audit