Fundingshield Newletter 114: November 8, 2016 – FundingShield launches next generation Vendor the Third-Party Service Provider Compliance Portal for State, OCC and CFPB Compliance:

FundingShield has answered its clients’ call for a simple yet powerful tool for assuring Third Party Service Provider and Third Party Originator Compliance with Federal and State requirements with the launch of its SPC service.


Any mortgage lender or servicer who work with third party service providers and who is subject to OCC, CFPB or State compliance rules.


Lenders and Servicers need a simple hands off solution to managing federal and state compliance requirements for all types of third party service providers and originators without paying a high price and experiencing a steep learning curve.


Fundingshield’s SPC Service, (SPC) is a Web Based Vendor Management & Compliance Platform for ALL TYPES of Third Party Service Providers and Originators as it relates to the requirements set forth by the Office of Currency Controller (OCC), Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Federal Reserve as well as other federal and state regulators.  Clients can establish their own compliance parameters and select what level of compliance and vetting they desire without programming needs by tech.  Features include:  Vetting (Exclusionary Lists & Document Validation), Contract Tracking, Due Diligence, Insurance & License Tracking, Reporting,  Monitoring,  Performance Reviews,  Auditor Access, Unlimited Vendor Types Supported, Quick Rollout, No Uploads By Clients Necessary, Web Based – No Software to Install, Strong Privacy Options for Service Providers’ Info,  Guided Self Validation of Service Provider Documents and Information,  Pre-Funding Service Provider Verifications for Audit Purposes and Fee tracking, Pre-Order Service Provider Verification for Audit Purposes, Automated Communication Protocols for Bank Account Verification with customizable fields for clients

About FundingShield

FundingShield is a leading software enabled services company and the only provider of active loan level diligence for closings to the residential mortgage industry. The Company’s array of services provides active verification and validation at the loan level for mortgage closings and detailed analysis of the documentation used. Our products & services include:

  • Verification and validation services at the loan level of closing documents for lenders, insurers and title companies
  • Confirmation of title insurance coverage for lenders backed by FundingShield’s GUARDIAN CERTIFICATE
  • Automated compliance data management systems for 3rd party service providers of lenders, title and state agencies & appraisers.
  • Pre/Post close QC QA and audit preparation.
  • Cyber security, IT Theft, online brand reputation monitoring and brand protection, 24/7/365 tracking of key property, personnel & vendors with threat reporting automation leveraging millions of public data points.
  • Specialized underwriting services to insurance companies and lenders as well as closing process audit reviews.

For more information on FundingShield, to schedule a WebEx demo or to see what other services we provide the residential mortgage industry please email or call (949) 706-7888