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Please read the editorial by our CEO Ike Suri in Mortgage Compliance Magazine titled “Manage compliance risk and fraud during the digitization of the mortgage industry” discussing how the digitization of the origination side of the mortgage lending business is creating further risk and exposure to IT assets and back office workflows. Fundingshield technology can assist lenders and other mortgage market participants in managing risk & fraud through the lifecycle.
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About FundingShield
FundingShield is the market leading fintech firm offering plug’n play, scalable, cloud-based risk, compliance and fraud technology solutions to protect the Mortgage, Real Estate, Title, and Legal industries from wire fraud, social engineering attempts, injection attacks, and regulatory and compliance risk with third parties. Fundingshield’s cost and time effective solutions deliver the highest level of control and risk mitigation helping you improve your bottom line. We do not provide a data bank, we deliver actionable intelligence at the loan-level so our clients make more informed decisions with full understanding of the risk.
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