Client Case Summary – Top 5 US Bank

FundingShield has been providing residential mortgage closing fraud & diligence verification to bank and non-bank residential mortgage originating clients as well as warehouse lenders for the past 5 years.  Screening of closing agents’ valid status, licensing, ability to close in various states and their insurance coverages meeting underwriters’ requirements as well as verification of a valid closing protection letter (CPL) is central to the service that FundingShield provides. 

Client – A domestic bank in the United States with over USD 300 billion in Assets

                Client has originated over   USD 50 billion in new mortgages originated in 2015


Tenor –  Client has used FundingShield continuously for the past 4.5 Years


Loan Volume and Savings – FundingShield has verified approximately 18,000 loans for the Client with an approximate dollar value of $5,000,000,000 in closing proceeds screened for this Client during 2015 alone


  • $200,000,000 in loans were halted to protect the Client from wire diversion or potentially fraudulent closings.


Client Results – Client has not incurred any losses due to defalcation or other closing fraud since deploying our service – the experience is the same for all of FundingShield Clients to date.


Client Expansion – Client has seen the benefit of FundingShield’s product to the extent that the Client will not close a loan without our service across their wholesale lines. This mandate will extend across their retail and correspondent channels in 2016