FundingShield joins IBM Cloud as IBM’s first MortgageTech partner

FundingShield joins IBM Cloud as IBM’s first MortgageTech partner delivering API based solutions driving innovation to the financial services space.

MortgageTech – Wire fraud prevention firm FundingShield works with IBM Cloud for Financial Services to bring cloud based, plug ’n’ play FinTech tools for fraud prevention, risk management and compliance to mortgage lenders and banks.
FundingShield delivers loan transaction level verification and validation tools for closing documents and parties via APIs.
February 21, 2019 10:30am Eastern Daylight Time
New York – FundingShield, an integrated application programming interface (API) solution delivering FinTech solutions to the Mortgage and Real estate finance space, has published its toolkit in the IBM Cloud FinTech API catalog to help IBM Cloud developers bring fraud prevention and risk management tools to their users. FundingShield’s presence in the IBM Cloud for Financial Services will allow app developers to create apps that are safe and secure for lenders and borrowers in the real estate and mortgage space.
“APIs are growing in use and have become cost efficient ways of integrating with clients and partners while preserving the privacy of customer data, security of transactions and flexibility in deployments,”
said Ike Suri, FundingShield’s Chairman and CEO.
“We deliver user-centric fraud and risk management solutions with APIs that use live data and save our mortgage and bank client’s operational cost and protect them from fraud. Our work with IBM will allow us to deliver further value to our common clients.”
To access the FundingShield API toolkit and tile on the IBM site click here 

FundingShield is the market’s leading FinTech firm offering plug ’n’ play, scalable, cloud-based risk, compliance and fraud technology solutions to protect the mortgage, real estate, title and legal industries from wire fraud, social engineering attempts, injection attacks and regulatory and compliance risk from third parties. Fundingshield’s cost and time-effective solutions deliver the highest level of control and risk mitigation, helping clients improve their bottom line. Beyond leveraging its live, verified and vetted proprietary database, Fundingshield delivers actionable loan-level intelligence to clients so they can make more informed decisions with a full understanding of their risk exposure. 
The IBM Cloud for Financial Services is an API marketplace that brings together FinTech and financial services institutions to rapidly build the finance apps of the future. Built on the IBM Cloud™, developers can share innovative applications, APIs, data and content on a secure, cloud platform designed for banks, financial market institutions, and insurance companies. More than 100,000 individual and enterprise developers from the financial services industry already turn to IBM monthly for insight and support.For more information on FundingShield or to speak with our sales or product team, please email or call (800) 295 0135 x2 to speak with the FundingShield team.

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