FundingShield is pleased to announce that Arthur Rice joins its Advisory Board

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FundingShield LLC is pleased to announce that Arthur Rice is being added to its Advisory Board.
Newport Beach, CA (October 23, 2016) – FundingShield, LLC., Arthur Rice joins the FundingShield advisory board driving connectivity, client outreach and new deal flow with US Mortgage Lenders leveraging his 20 plus year career in the C-Suite of major mortgage lenders and his role as a senior consultant to mortgage participants.
For the past several years Art has been sought by various residential lenders as a consultant for his deep knowledge of various operational, management, strategy and process buildouts across the United States. He is the President of SP Compliance LLC where he has developed a platform providing automated solutions for third party vendor management across the spectrum of residential lending including appraisers, closing agents, attorneys and third party originators.
Art has been and is a senior advisor and consultant by various top 20 lenders in the residential lending space leveraging his experience from firms such as Finance America LLC, where he was CEO, Lehman Brothers (Managing Director), Kislak Mortgage Corporation. He was a founder and managing partner of The Performance Group, TPG & Associates and has been retained by top consulting firms including PwC and OpExNow. His experience spans 20+ years in the industry.
“Art’s presence, deep relationships and dialogue, intricate knowledge and understanding of operations, risk and fraud deterrence will help FundingShield continue to improve and create relevant product sets as we grow,” said Adam Chaudhary the President of FundingShield.
Art shared, “I am excited for the road ahead and see huge synergy between the products, tools, client engagements of FundingShield and the tools and automation that SPC offers and further I see the need for these products by lenders of all sizes and types.” FundingShield is a leading software enabled services company and the only provider of active loan level diligence for closings to the residential mortgage industry. The Company’s array of services provides active verification and validation at the loan level for mortgage closings and detailed analysis of the parties’ status, documentation used and also review of the wire instructions presented. FundingShield provides a loan closing certificate to lenders to certify the closing.

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