New York State Attorney Due Diligence screening for Enhanced “partner theft of client funds” Crimes Policy 

Leveraging data, analytics and risk technology by FunidngShield, LLC

Fundingshield’s data and analytics are being used by insurance companies to make more precise risk calculations.  Insurance companies have leveraged Fundingshield technology to allow lenders and title insurance underwriters to be protected from New York State Lawyer theft of client funds.  This policy also covers theft by law firm partners from any theft of client funds held for closings. Several national lenders and major title insurance companies are adopting requirements to protect against this unique idiosyncratic risk which has limited coverage options in the market due to the risk profile.

If you are a New York State Attorney that handles closing funds for real estate transactions and are looking for ways to demonstrate coverage of partner theft of funds in order to satisfy lender or title insurance underwriter risk requirements please Click Below to Start the Screening Process. Further you will Pricing Details on the policy.

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New York State Attorney Due Diligence for Lloyd’s of London Crimes Policy
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